Choose your peace of mind over anything else.

Choose your peace of mind over anything else.

Dear reader,

As important as food is to the body, your inner peace is important to you. If something costs you your peace of mind, it does not worth it. Your peace of mind is a priority to you and whatever does not sit right with you does not sit right. You cannot force it. Regardless of whatever happens to you, always make sure you are happy. It does not matter who did it or what happened, as long as your mind is not a peace, then you should ignore it.

I have seen people loose themselves in the process of trying to please others but feel down, they are not happy. What happened to making yourself happy? If you ever find yourself in a toxic situation, for the sake of your sanity you should leave. How many times do you have to pretend that you feel good when in reality you do not feel good ? If you do not have peace of mind, your whole self literally feels dead hence the reason why you should take care of your sanity. The whole world is on a pause now due to the pandemic and so many people feel like they are losing it. It is really affecting their mental health which is sad. If you do not have anything to say when they speak to you about whatever is bothering them, do not add to their pain instead be kind to them. So many people are going through a hard time trying their best to heal from things that you do not discuss therefore, be kind .

At the end of the day, your peace of mind should come before anything because you matter. Anything that disturbs your peace is just noise. It is advisable for you not stay in a place that does not sit right with your soul and makes you feel bad and it is important that you do not lose your wits for this too shall pass. Love and light ❤

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