Don’t Rush, Be Patient.

Don’t Rush, Be Patient.

Hiii there. The title of this article says ‘Don’t rush, Be patient’ as simple as that could be said, everything you are going to read in this article would give you reasons why you honestly should not rush but instead be patient. Read below 👇🏻

The above screenshot is the assumption of a lot of people and it’s really funny to be honest😂 especially when I say that I don’t have a man, they say  ‘finegirl like you, it’s a lie joor’. I’m actually like I’m serious but then there’s always a look on their face that reads it’s a lie, I have someone and I am not saying it’. I honestly always try to avoid long plenty talks so I won’t even bother to convince anyone and allow them to believe what they like. I’m writing this article to remind you that ‘Being in a relationship won’t heal you and being single won’t kill you’ but it does not mean you should not fall in love with someone. I mean as much as you’d love to be with someone that you genuinely love ? It’s better you wait for your own person.


A lot of people(myself included) would see cute pictures/videos on the internet and say the popular ‘God when’ slang and the reason is because we all want to do cute stuffs with our favourite person and to be honest, it’s really beautiful. Relationships require a lot of forgiveness and patience. If you’re not ready for that, do not engage into one. If you really want to build with someone, it does not happen very fast instead it starts from building a strong friendship where y’all know and can tolerate each other well enough before you proceed into becoming a thing. You would not like a situation where you do not understand your partner’s love language or you don’t even understand your partner at all which makes y’all to end up fighting everytime then you go around to say stuffs like ‘love is wicked etc’. Love is actually so beautiful. Love is one of the best feelings in the world and I do not know about you but I really pray that I experience a love that is beautiful with the actual love of my life God’s willing. When the whole feeling is mutual, you do not have to force anything instead it flows naturally and makes you genuinely happy.

So many people (myself included) feel like talking stage is actually exhausting and truth be told, it is actually exhausting especially when you do not know where y’all stand. I think it’s best you express yourself in the talking stage so that y’all know where you’re going because if not, why waste someone’s time and I hope you know that half the time y’all are in the talking stage, they’re stuck between waiting to see if something would actually happen between y’all or thinking of others ways to move on with someone else. Expressing your feelings won’t kill you but these days it’s hard for some people because they don’t want to feel heartbroken.

We all crave to have a family that’s beautiful and blessed. It is only when you allow yourself to be inlove with someone, only then is when all of it can happen. It would happen God’s willing but do not say because your past relationships broke you, you do not want to give love a trial. It is totally wrong because love is beautiful and whatever happened in the past is not love because love is so beautiful.

At the end of the day, as much as you want a love that is beautiful yeah? It is very important that you wait patiently and pray sincerely. If you rush into something that is not meant to be, you would definitely rush out and I’m pretty sure that isn’t what you want. I know you crave for a love that is genuine and mutual, I mean a love that does not treat you poorly but instead treats you with kindness and gives you peace of mind. My dear reader, if all that i have listed above is what you crave then ‘Don’t Rush instead ‘Be patient’ because you deserve all the love you are willing to give out. I mean you are so deserving of a love that is genuine than going to settle for a love that is half -loved. You do not have to settle for less just so you can feel among instead, In your moment of waiting for a love that you truly deserve, put all the energy into loving yourself because it’s only when you love yourself enough that is when you would truly recognize a love that is real. I sincerely hope you had a good read and I pray that you experience a love that is real because it’s one of the best feelings in the world. ☺️☺️

love always,


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  1. Well said Lamide. The line of loving yourself first to recognise true love from others is just it!

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