HOPE- Hold On, Pain Ends.

HOPE- Hold On, Pain Ends.

There is a popular adage which says ‘When there’s life, there’s HOPE’. As simple as that can be said, that’s the whole truth. At some point in our lives, we experience pain & that’s okay. The only thing that’s not okay is getting too comfortable in the pain and forgetting that Happiness is still a choice!  Read below why you should always Hold On because truly, Pain Ends.

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As long as you’re still breathing, that’s enough reason for you to know that God is not done with you yet and whatever you’re going through is only temporary. It’s easy to get discouraged and feel let down especially when things are rough. Everyone has dissapointments, everyone has bad days but if you’re firm in faith and trust the Almighty fully, He will find a way for you & you would not even remember whatever pain you had to endure because the truth is nobody can see your pain or understand how you feel. Best believe no matter how you try to explain they still would not understand how you feel which is why you have to get your shits together all by yourself. It’s okay to take a break, go mia & take your time to figure out everything but do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety. After all, it’s only in the darkest nights that the stars shine more brilliantly! It’s okay to relax & take your time because a bit of patience goes a long way.

At the end of the day, when you get your shits together, the beauty in all is that they come together to create the real YOU! The one who survived the pain, the hardship, the one who emerged stronger, kinder & more compassionate! It’s at that very moment that you’d say to yourself that no matter what happens you’d constantly remind yourself to HO(Hold On), because PE(Pain Ends).

Sending love & light your way,

Rafiat Madamidola ♥️♥️

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