How social media is making people depressed.



As sad as this may sound, it’s one of the major things that has contributed to what is making people depressed today. It’s funny how making the world closer and smaller has made us lonelier and more depressed than ever.

As a matter of fact, most of the things that people display on the media aren’t as real as they display them. Everyone acts like their life is so perfect, unfortunately  as simple as this could be said that is not the truth but most people still choose to copy them by wanting to wear/use the latest stuffs, keeping up with the latest trends.

Some of these people that you want to be like were once like you but their stories changed and it’s different from yours because they focused more on setting their goals & they did things that moved them closer to their goals everyday! Nothing ever happened over night. It took time, faith,  hardwork and commitment to get to where they are today. Giving up wasn’t in their dictionary but challenging everything was. 

Another major thing that’s causing most people to be depressed is the idea of not getting married at an early age or finding love. The truth is everyone at some point in their life would find their own love , it might just  take time. If anybody is pressuring you into marriage and you’re not ready, it’s okay to not answer them. Afterall the choice is yours ! If you listen to them and rush into marriage who knows if the marriage would last up to a month. So just because everyone is posting about their love life and you Have nothing to post doesn’t mean you’re alone. Relax! This love would find you , you deserve the best and beautiful kind of love. Remember, the best things come to those who are patient.

Nevertheless,  there are still alot of things that can cause depression through the media but the few ones I have written above are like one of the major ones.

Dear all, listen to me!

Being depressed over issues like this and many more hasn’t solved anything . It is the ability to deal with your problems which is called ‘Happiness’ that helps you overcome this depression. Being happy doesn’t depend on what you Have, it depends solely on what you think.  The simple truth is where you are right now doesn’t determine where you’ll end up. Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it. Change your thoughts, so you can change your world !

At the end of the day, nothing is permanent! Not even our troubles. Happiness is the real rich and a peace of mind is the real bag. So today and forever, make peace with whatever you’re going through, focus on setting your goals (pursue them ! When it’s time to fight for your dreams, roar!!!) And most importantly talk to God about everything always and  make your mental health a priority.  Be HAPPY !!!!

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