Importance of SelfCare.


As a lady, the above tweet is one of the many things that you think about especially when you are stressed. Getting your hair and nails done, going to the spa and getting all dolled up is a different kind of therapy that every woman loves.
Imagine having a stressful day/week, I am pretty sure that the first thing to do on your mind when you get home is to shower because it really helps you feel relaxed. In this article, I would explain to you why SELFCARE is important.

Hi my darling reader,

You and I know how hot the weather can be and i think it is insane that you would still find some people moving around with body odour. Personally, one of the many things that i am intentional about is SELFCARE. I cannot emphasize enough on how important Selfcare is.
The popular saying that Health is Wealth is synonymous to Selfcare is the new Healthcare because if you do not take care of yourself, you would not look healthy. Here are few tips on Selfcare;

 You should make it a habit to take care of yourself because nobody wants to be covering their nose all in the name of body odor. I mean you do not want to walk in a place where people are gathered and immediately you enter, they start humming ‘ewww, what was that smell’? It would humiliate you & make you feel bad which is why I advise people to make it a habit to smell and look good because it is mandatory!
It is also understandable that the workload on some of us is a lot and we barely even have time to take care of ourselves talk more of getting products to help us look and smell good. Worry not, there is an online beauty store that has come to our aid. This online store is where you can discover all exquisite collection of quality fragrances, makeup, body, hair and skincare products from all around the globe. The name of the online store is; Ample Beauty

It is a Nigerian brand where you can get all your favorite beauty products online and have it delivered to you in a jiffy. One of the many things that I love about this brand is how they share helpful tips on how to use the beauty products and most importantly, the benefits of each products. 
Product Tips;

This is one of the many products that they sell;

You can find the rest of their beauty products ranging from fragrance, body care, hair care and skincare on their Instagram page and website. As you read through, you would find a link below which leads you to their Instagram page where you would also find the link to their website. I love how the brand interacts with their audience by asking questions to know if the money they spend on products is worth it. Hence the question;

Their page is fun to view especially because of the beautiful contents they have and all the amazing freebies they give out. You would absolutely love it if you make the decision to click on the link below to Follow their Instagram Page

For their brand launch, I partnered with them to do a giveaway and also there was a 30% discount on all products for their followers. Do not worry if you missed out that because there are more freebies on the way and to avoid missing out on all the freebies, my darling reader i strongly advise that you follow the brand’s page using the link above and stay glued to their posts and most importantly, get your beauty products from them because;

At the end of the day, when you start taking care of yourself ? you start looking better but most importantly, you start attracting better because you  glow differently when you are happy which is why you have to make it a habit to;

& everyday.

Do good & Feel good because it all starts with you 🤗.

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