Inspiration behind my writing.

Inspiration behind my writing.

Hi, just so you know this is my 60th article & I’m dedicating it to my journey in Writing/my growth in general. Sit back, Grab your popcorns so you can have a good read because It’s storyyy time y’all !💃🏻🎉.

Once upon a time, I remember when I was little and I had just finished reading a book. Apparently, the author was a young girl of age ten or so I cannot remember her age. An uncle said to me that ‘look at your mate, she is an author’ what can you do ? This particular question pierced through my heart but I didn’t take it too personal. Moving on, sometimes in 2018 my mother asked me what I was doing to make money because we cannot only rely on school. Then I said to her, nothing. I thought about that question and I asked myself what I could do to make myself known but most importantly to be an inspiration to many. I have always been a writer but I didn’t go deep in that potential. I write epistles for people most especially on their birthdays and they are usually happy. After so many thinking, I said to myself that Writing is my Jam. I went into my room and I picked up my pen then I wrote down a short epistle that I wanted to put out to the public.
I opened an Instagram page just so I could post all my write ups. I almost got discouraged with the thought that everything I want to write about, it’s either someone has written about it  or they have talked about that particular thing in a video. I almost changed my mind because I thought that I might run out of contents. I do not know where the strength came from but all I know is that i said to myself ‘they might have talked about it but not in the way you want to say it Olamide’ and yuppss, that was one of the motivations that made me to keep pushing.

I wrote my articles on Microsoft word and I had to use few words because of the concept I used for my articles but I was not satisfied and I needed a blog where I would publish all my lengthy articles. God answered my prayers and I came across Tell. A friend of mine (Aishah Lawal) was nominated for an award and she sent me the link to vote for her. I voted for her and I figured out that I could register an account for myself. I registered and that was how I started publishing all my articles on Tell. If I had ignored the link, maybe I wouldn’t have known about Tell. Here’s a big shout out to Aishah for sending that link and also to the founders of Tell for creating a platform where writers can share their thoughts, it’s literally one of the best things our generation got and I am so proud to be a part of this great team. 

In my journey of writing, I have constantly tried to do and become better. I honestly cannot count how many times I have signed up on different platforms to become a better writer because we learn everyday. I have had different people ask me to teach them how to be a great writer because they say I am one. I honestly do not know how to teach people how to write because I feel like it’s a God given talent that I’m honestly grateful for. I just tell them, write out what’s in your heart and it comes out beautiful. Don’t forget to be creative about it too. I have made mistakes and one person that is my constant go to person for help , this person pushes me to become better and he is always there to support me regardless is my cousin- Kehinde Lamilisa. Shout out to you for being one of my favourites. 

In 2019, I got nominated for Tellawards as the next rated writer. I didn’t expect it and it was an absolute honour. Alhamdulillah, I won the award and here’s my certificate!


It’s not easy but we keep pushing regardless. Writing for me is one of the best things and if you’re close to me, you would know how intentional I am about writing. I love writing and it has become a part of me. I sincerely pray that I become better everyday by God’s grace.

A lot of people inspire me and I did not start writing because of the monetary benefits but I started writing to make an impact. Now while I’m making an impact, I want to make income. Some people might not understand my love for writing but I know where I am going and I won’t stop. One time, I thought nobody was supporting me and I felt bad so I stopped writing for a while. One day, I picked up my pen to write because I remember the reason why I started writing. This time around, I became consistent and I clapped for myself all the time. 

This post resonates with everything about me and I’m sincerely grateful to God for everything. From being somebody that thought she would have zero contents for her audience to now publishing her 60th article !! It’s huge for me and I’m so proud of me. If there’s anything I have learnt from my journey ? It’s that I’m capable of doing so much more than I can.
Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Rafiat O. M & I’m a creative content writer (a badass in the game). You can hit me up for all your content writing jobs, I’m available. 

Thank you for reading. I hope this post inspires you to do whatever it’s in your heart that you’re passionate about. Remember everything is possible for all those who says ‘I will and I can’ says my father. Just do it boo! ❤️

Once again, Congratulations to me on my 60th article!😌🎉


Alhamdulillah Robbil Aliameen. Thank you everyone for the constant love & Support. It means a lot of me & y’all are part of my growth. Love always ❤️❤️. 

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