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True happiness should come from within and staying happy is a choice. There are alot of negativities in the world already. I learnt to create my own happiness because if you project your happiness into a human, they would dissapoint you. 

I remember one time, I saw a group of girls on my way to school and they asked me to give them a particular thing. Immediately i gave them they kept on saying thank you and the smiles on their faces almost me shed tears. Writing this right now, It is very emotional for me because i can still recall what happened on that particular day. It was just pure bliss and I wish I had more. I could read how happy they were and it only made me happy that they felt happy too. 

Also, i have been procrastinating about learning how to read Arabic and also my Quran. This year’s Ramadan i set a goal to learn how to improve better. With consistency and each day passing by, I became better and it is just so sweet because It was not easy as i had to learn all by myself but with God by my side it got easier. Talking to Allah SWT in prayers gives me pure bliss. Especially when I feel very uneasy and i pray, I just feel pure bliss because verily, in the remembrance of Allah SWT do hearts find rest. 

To me, true happiness is something unexplainable because you cannot truly explain how you feel. Do not look for happiness from someone instead create that Happiness yourself. 

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  1. Happiness lies with in, when we create our own happiness it will become everlasting but when we allow human to determine it then we are in for it. Thumbs up dear!

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