make your motto ‘POVO’ to avoid negativity ♡

make your motto 'POVO' to avoid negativity ♡

POVO- is an acronym for the word  ‘Positive Vibes Only’.

Staying positive does not mean you have to be happy all the time. It simply means that even on hard days you know that there are better ones coming. I think it’s a really good decision to be very picky about vibes! Most especially the energy you surround yourself with because you owe yourself that much. Remember that you’re the only one that controls everything about you. Energy doesn’t lie, so you gotta trust the vibe you get ! Spread positive vibes because you attract the energy that you give off. To avoid negativity, you’ve to spread love & positive intentions out into the universe daily. 

People with good souls don’t magically appear in our lives ! You’ve to earn them. Once you begin your journey towards a higher vibrational lifestyle and you  let go of all the things that are spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically  weighing you down then you’d naturally start aligning with them. With a positive mindset, you can attract everything that is for your highest good. Things like new opportunities,  new energy, new mindset and new connections. 

The best thing you’d do for yourself is to surround yourself with people who talk about  visions and ideas not other people. In whichever way you can, send away anything that brings you any bad energy.

Most importantly,  when you find yourself in any difficult situation, please try your hardest to be positive. 

Always remember to ‘make your motto ‘POVO’ to avoid negativity.

 Thank you for reading, have a great day & spread positive vibes only !! 

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