I know a selfless woman. A woman who puts herself last just so others can feel better. A woman who is hardworking, strong and most importantly a true queen. This woman is my mother and I’m proud to be her daughter. 

Over the years, I have had alot of people play the mother figure role but nobody beats the role of my biological mother. She deserves a book written about how amazing she is. On the days when I do not feel like myself, my mother reminds me of how beautiful i am. Any little thing that happens to me, she is my go to person. She is easily my happy place and I feel so blessed. 

I do a lot of annoying things, I frustrate her but it doesn’t change the fact that she is so dear to me and she always wants the best for me. In my whole life, I have not seen someone who would get angry one minute at me for not doing a particular thing and the next minute she is already wearing a smiling face. She corrects with love and admits when she is wrong. The best person I know and my heart in human form. There are alot of amazing things about to say about my mother but in one word, she is a Gem. 

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