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At some point in your life when you want to question the purpose of this world ? Remember that Allah SWT has a reason for everything. He created you and if it is because of the problems that you are facing, it is written that ‘Verily with hardship comes ease’ and I don’t think there’s anything as comforting as those words. When you are going through a phase in your life, it is okay to talk with people you trust but they cannot give you the peace you are looking for because these people also seek God’s help. So why not go to God directly instead of looking for someone’s shoulder to cry on. I personally recommend that you talk to God in prayers. There is a lot of peace that comes to your heart when you pray. One of my favourite verses in the Qur’an is Q13:28 which says;

The power of prayer is so real. Pray fervently for everything that your heart desires and be patient enough to recieve all your blessings. The truth is Allah SWT would never ignore you when you ask or;

No right ? Good. Everything you want, talk to God in prayers and I strongly believe that there’s nothing God cannot do. Sometimes;


We’re all infinitely more blessed than we think we are and it is only wise that we give thanks to God everydayy because if we start to count our blessings and someone asks you, ‘Which of the Favour of your Lord shall you deny ? your answer would be ‘None’ because there is None of the blessings of Allah that you can deny. If you are reading this and you have nothing to be grateful for, check your pulse and that is enough blessing because when there is life, there is hope.

I hope you always remember that regardless of any situation you find yourself and you pray about it ? you’ll pull through fine because;

I’m such a cry baby and whenever something happens to me, I talk to God which is why I’m heavy on ‘Thank you God’ for everything because He has come through for me so many times and for that reason, I am a living testimony that the ‘Power of Prayer’ is real because God listens ❤️.

I pray that Allah eases your affairs, comfort you, strengthen you, bless you and most importantly grant you peace & grant you healing especially from the things that you do not discuss (Ameen).


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