Promise to Fulfil not to Fail.

Promise to Fulfil not to Fail.

Hi, my name is Lydia and i want to share something with you. Read below

I have always been hyped about going out and visiting new places because when i was little, i usually go for excursions which was organised by my primary school. When i  was sixteen years old, my mother told me that if clock eighteen years old i would be able to go out and have fun like adults. On my 17th birthday, I was so happy not only because it was my birthday but i was excited that I would be eighteen years old the following year and I can make decisions on my own. My mother came into my room to wish me a happy birthday and also pray for me. Before she left my room, i reminded her about the words she said and she told me not to worry about it. My friends came and we had a good time. 

Moving on, it was that time of the year again and yes I clocked 18years old. I’m sure you can imagine how excited i was. I had a good day as usual. 

One day, a friend of mine sent me a text and said we would be having a party the following day. She asked if i would come along and i told her yes i would because why not? I was excited and i went shopping for new clothes and shoes just so i would slay on the day of the party. I didn’t even inform my mother beause i had concluded that she would let me go. The day came and I was all dressed up. My mother was in the parlour watching a movie and i informed her that I was going out. With a frown on her face, she said where are you going and why did you not tell me earlier about it ? Do you think you can go out of this house anyhow you like. I said mummy but ? Before I could complete my statement she added Lydia but what ? You’re 18years old and it does not mean you can take decisions on your own. I said mummy but remember your promise. She said and so what ?Her words hurt me so bad and I cried back to my room. Immediately, I decided that i wasn’t going for the party anymore and I sent a text to my friend.  I forgot to add, on my 16th birthday, I had written an examination which would enable me get admission into the university and my mother promised that if i passed my exams excellently, she would buy me an iPhone. I did excellently well in my exams but guess what ? My mother did not fulfil her promise and i had to save money to buy the phone i am using now. 

Something happened today and It made me remmeber all the times my mother promised me about a particular thing but she did not fulfil it. I came to the conclusion that why promise , when you won’t fulfill. I do not want anyone to promise me about anything because at the end of the day, they do not fulfil it and it hurts.  i prefer actions than words because what’s a promise without fulfilling it ?  You already know my answer and it’s called a Broken Promise. 

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