Protect Your Peace.

Protect Your Peace.

Hi there !! Here’s a quick reminder that you should always choose yourself first & also learn to never loose yourself.

Firstly, In whatsoever ship you find yourself in >>> relationship, friendship, partnership etc If it doesn’t bring you peace, then it’s not okay to stay in such ship. You do not have to risk your sanity for things that do not bring you peace. There are times where you are stuck between choosing to let go or choosing your sanity ? If you’re ever stuck between such a decision then it’s okay to choose your sanity.

However, you do not have to get stuck in any of these ship that doesn’t bring you peace because you’re scared of losing them! Always remember that your mental health, your happiness, your peace of mind & most importantly not loosing yourself matters alot. 

At the end of the day, I hope you find the courage to let go, I hope you remember that choosing your sanity is way better that being stuck in an unhappy ship, I hope you’re able to say goodbye to whatever is disturbing your sanity even when you still want to hold on & I hope you remember that under no circumstance should you stay in a ship that drains your sanity.

Lastly, It’s so empowering to say that this is no longer serving me, forgive them & walk away in peace. Nevertheless, if protecting your sanity makes you trash then be proud to be trash! You wanna know why? It is because you’re allowed to #Protect Your Peace!

      Sending you love & light,

      Rafiat Madamidola ❤.

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What do you think?

  1. Thank you.
    regardless of everything, you have to ignore all the forms of negativity. It’s not easy but for your sanity, you have to do so. Positive vibes only!

  2. It’s a nice one up there 👍. But, how do one makes a sane decision to be ‘sane’ at times when the person is not actually sane?

    1. Well, I feel by listening to the people around us. Because the truth is when we are in toxic relationships and other ships, the other people around us know and they try to warn us but most times we are blinded. If almost everyone is saying the same thing about your relationship not being healthy, then you have to acctually look into it. So, the people around you would bring you the sanity you need to get sane

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