PutASmileonSomeone’sface- PASS ♡

PutASmileonSomeone'sface- PASS ♡

Hey there! 

We are all a little broken & the last time I checked broken crayons still colour the same! Read below reasons why you should be careful with what you say & also take your time to appreciate people because it would put a smile on their face .


Apparently, words have the power to do two things which is heal & hurt! This is one of the reasons why you have to choose what you would say & what not to say.  There are alot of people going through alot in which they do not discuss! The best thing you can do is to be kind with your words & most importantly, how you treat people.

Few weeks ago, I read what someone tweeted! He or she wrote, ‘Sometimes they want to check up on you but they remember that the phone works same way’. What this person is trying to say is that why didn’t the other person call or text since the phone works the same way! As simple as this can be said, it’s the truth but then we should not always conclude because we do not know what the other person is going through.  A simple hi,how’re you ? I just decided to check up on you or send them a random text telling them how much you miss them/appreciate them in your life. All this little things won’t do any harm to you if you do it. Sometimes, we really should drop our ego & do little things if not for anything for the sake of God. 

Also, if you see someone that dresses beautifully or smells nice & you’re wowed, it’s okay to tell them. Many atimes, it is the little help we do for people that makes them smile. No matter how small it is, it would mean alot to people. Always remember that it’s the little things that count the most. 

At the end of the day, If you ever have the chance to PutASmileonSomeone’sface(PASS), do not hesitate to do so. 

     love & light,

     Rafiat O. Madamidola ♥️

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