Alot of people are scared of different things but this article is to give you reasons why you should not be.

I remember one time, I used to have the thought that every celebrity I text would not reply me. One day, I sent a text to a very famous writer named Anderson popular known as lazy writa. I thought he was not going to reply but to my greatest surprise, he replied to my text in a manner that was welcoming and it felt like we had known each other for long. Moving on, it gave me the courage to send messages to my other favourite celebrities but most importantly it has helped me in different areas in my life generally.

Alot of people have different things that scare them but here’s me saying that no matter the situation or whatever scares you, as long as you have the mindset that it cannot hurt you then you should face everything and run away from it.

Fear is a liar, you just  have to face your fears and conquer it.

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