Surulère (Patience is Virtue)

Surulère (Patience is Virtue)

Dear reader,

There is a popular saying that when there is life, there is hope. In this story i would explain few tips that would inspire you to have hope and believe that everything would work out well at the right time only if you are patient. 

So many people want everything to have so fast which is why when they pray, they want it to happen immediately. A friend of mine stumbled on a post on twitter and on the post there was an on going giveaway and she decided to try her luck by participating in the giveaway. The winner is to recieve a 15GB data plan after he or she must have followed the instructions. After about five hours, my friend had not only forgotten about the giveaway but she had also given up that she might not win. She later proceeded to buy 1GB data plan from her data plug and immediately she logged in on her Twitter page, she got a notification that she won the giveaway of 15GB. She was happy but at the same time she started questioning herself on why she did not wait to know if she would win. Here’s where the test of patience hit her deep.

So many of us are so eager to find love, graduate etc. While you are being patient for these things to happen, it is only right that you have hope in what you are patiently waiting for. The yorubas would say that surulère (patience is virtue). 

At the end of the day, everything you want is at the other side of the being patient and having hope that everything would work out well. 

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