Take Your Dreams Seriously (TAYODS)

Take Your Dreams Seriously (TAYODS)

TAYODS is an acronym for the word – TAke YOur Dreams Seriously.

Hey there !! 

I don’t know what you’ve  passion for? I don’t know why you are not going for it. Is it because you feel like nobody is gonna support you and you feel insecure about it ? Is anything distracting you? Things like school, people discouraging you and all ? With the few stuffs I’d write below, I hope it inspires you to make a life changing decision !

So yeah, all those bad ass people that you look up to today were once beginners who didn’t know that they’d become big STARS today and I hope you know that the reason why they are where they are today is because they didn’t give up on their dreams !!.  Apparently, if you’re not doing what makes you happy, you’re just wasting your time. The beginning may always seem hard and at some point, you’d feel like giving up. Remember that nothing ever happened over night and it’s sad that alot of people doubt themselves. Doubts kills more dreams than failure ever will and the best thing you would ever do for yourself is to – Believe in Yourself. 

One day, my father called my brothers and I,  he said ‘my dear children, you can become anything you want to be in this life because everything is possible for all those who say I will and I can’. I felt that and today I’m proud to say that this has been my mindset ever since my father told me. 

In your journey of achieving your dreams and going for what you have passion for, alot of people won’t support you &  you might  be discouraged by the people that you expect to support you the most. They might call you crazy but very soon they’d call you boss !! & You see that thing they said you can’t have or they said it’s impossible, make sure you GO for it !! Start turning all your CAN’T to CAN’S. You CAN do anything! Sometimes lack of support is the best type of motivation you need. 

Also at some point, you may be tired, frustrated and discouraged but don’t you dare give up on your dreams !! To change your life, you need to change your priorities because the difference between Impossible & possible is -DETERMINATION. Always remember that every successful person has a painful story & every painful story has a successful ending because at the end of the day, things always have a way of working out. Never underestimate the power of prayer & faith. Let your faith be stronger than your fears so that when you look back at how far you’ve come you’d say

‘I’m not where I’m supposed to be,

I’m not what I want to be,

But I’m not what I used to be 

I haven’t learned how to arrive, 

I’ve just learnt how to keep going and I think that’s the most beautiful definition of GROWTH !!. 

don’t be a GOLD DIGGER, be a GOAL DIGGER !! Never give up on something you really want, it’s difficult to wait but it’s worse to regret. Even if it takes forever, still chase your dreams !

Most importantly, i hope you know that a winner is a dreamer who didn’t give up. Take Your Dreams Seriously!! 

I hope with all that I’ve written above, I’ve given you the courage to make a life changing decision. Please share with everyone. Thank you x

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    1. You’re welcome. I’m really glad you’re inspire. Do not forget that you can achieve anything you want to. Put God first and focus on what’s important to you and everything else would fall into place. ❤❤❤

  1. This writeup is beautiful, I was reading and literally smiling,so much determination and motivation.

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