That ‘Phase’


Hiii my darling reader,

I hope you’re doing okay ? While you are reading this article, avoid any form of distraction.

 The above tweet means: Everyone is going through a lot.
Apparently, I have seen several reposts of this particular tweet and If i am being honest with you, the above tweet is true. At some point in your life, things may not go as planned and for some reasons, you begin to question everything especially if these things are really worth it?.  During these moments, it would be like you are literally just existing because nothing seem to excite you anymore. When people ask you ‘Lagbaja, how are you? before saying ‘I’m fine’, A voice in your head whispers are you really fine ? just tell this person how you really feel but then again, you are like if you tell them how you really feel what difference does it make ? this and many other thoughts comes in your head during this phase. Also, one of many things that people hate to hear during this phase is ‘motivational words’, I mean people just want their problems to be solved without having to listen to those words. For example;

However, as funny as the tweet may sound in your ear ? It is one of the easiest solutions to the problems. I’m writing this to you and it serves as a reminder to myself that ‘tough times don’t last, only tough people do’. One day, I was in the middle of  a conversation with someone and he said with confidence that ‘you don’t go through anything’. I was like how sure are you that I don’t go through anything ? Honestly, one of the many things that I am thankful for is the fact that I don’t look like what i go through and the fact that I don’t look like I go through stuffs doesn’t mean that I don’t go through anything. Some of us just know how to handle things differently. 

Life is beautiful. Sometimes, the road may seem rough, tough and you would be at the edge of giving up on everything you have worked for. At that point, I want you to reflect on all the beautiful moments you have imagined for yourself and remember that it is okay to start all over again. Do not compare yourself with anyone because comparison is the killer of joy. Also, do not put pressure on yourself because no one has it all figured out. The most important thing is that you should know what you are doing and where you are going because direction is  better than speed. 

It is always darkest before the dawn and this is enough reason for you not to give up on yourself. One of the many tips that I use to achieve by goals day by day is to ‘write in my journal’.


My journal is a safe place to write down thoughts , brainstorm and rant. 

You can get a journal through this link

My dear reader, whatever Phase you go through in life? I want you to know that it doesn’t last forever. With hardship, comes ease and all that your heart desires shall be granted unto you. Here’s to elevating in all aspects of your life and focusing on only the things that matters so that everything else can fall in place. 
Whatever phase you go through, say to yourself that ‘This too shall pass’.

I wish you all the best with love,

Rofiat O.M

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What do you think?

  1. Dear Rofiat,
    I really appreciate your kind words.. Your way with words have always been very soothing in my times of distress 😭❤️. May your fountain of knowledge never run dry. Cheers to more achievements 🥂..
    Lauretta 💜

  2. Thanks so much for this ma’am, really nice read.

    Buh let’s as well acknowledge that a lot is relative.
    Just be grateful about your context, it could have been worse, atleast it isn’t.

    Gratitude over everything.

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