The beginning of forever.

The beginning of forever.

Bala was the only child of Mrs Merkel and their father left them when bala was barely two years old. Mrs Merkel had to strive for herself and her child so they could at least eat and also have a good life. 

Mrs Merkel did all kinds of business from being a drainage washer to being a bread seller and many more business that could bring her money and also send bala to school. Bala on the other hand did not make things better for his mom instead he was always causing trouble everywhere. Everyday when Mrs Merkel come back home instead of resting she would be settling one matter or the other. This made Mrs Merkel unhappy and soon she fell into depression. She started looking lean and she did not struggle much again. On a fateful day, bala went to school and on his way back home he was crying. A young man saw him and asked what happened ? He reluctantly answered the man saying that all his friends had fathers but his mother told him that his own father left them when he was two years old and the worst of all is that he is not making his mother happy. All of this is what is making him sad and it has made him perform woefully in his studies. The young man felt sorry for him and asked him what class he was. Bala said he was in ss3. The young man collected his number, gave his some amount of money and also adviced him. When bala got home, he told his mother about his encounter with the young man and he also promised his mother that he would change and always make her happy. 

Long story short, bala changed for good and he also graduated from school as the overall best student in his set. He called the young man to share the good news with him. Luckily for him, the young man is a citizen of the United States of America but the time he met bala, he had come to Nigeria for a business. He asked bala if he would like to further his education overseas, with excitement bala said yes. The young man sponsored bala’s education and he also invited bala’s mother. Along the line bala’s mother and the young man fell inlove with each other. They got married and lived happily ever after. 

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