The- BestFormofanApology

The- BestFormofanApology

Hey there !!

A lot of people feel like when they do something offensive to someone and they apologize, that’s the end of it. Well, that’s the end of it but what comes after the apology is what proves that you mean the word ‘Sorry’.  Read below what the BFA(BestFormofanApology) is ? 👇


Apparently, we’re all not perfect & we should really take ownership when we offend someone and also ask for forgiveness e.g (I’m sorry, I made you feel bad! Will you forgive me ?). It’s funny how when you say you’re sorry but you still go back to do the same thing. I read a tweet and the writer (Steevane) wrote ‘Apologizing means nothing because everyone can fake an apology but what you cannot fake is how you act after apologizing & I couldn’t argue but argee with the writer because it is the truth. A changed behaviour is what is required after an apology because this shows that you’re sincerely sorry for whatever you might have done. You should not say that you’re sorry and tomorrow, you’re doing the same thing you were sorry for last night. I hope you know that you are not truly sorry until you are able to match your words with your actions because it shows that you are truly sorry. The word I’m sorry is a word that should come with the action of a changed behaviour. you really should put your ego aside, apologize & change that behaviour because nobody wants to continually listen to an ‘I’m sorry’ for the same bad behaviour you refused to change.

At the end of the day, ‘ I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I apologize & I’m correcting that behaviour is the BestFormofanApology! (BFA).

Lots of love,

Rafiat Olamide Madamidola ♥️♥️♥️

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