The Dream

The Dream

It was a very hot afternoon on a Friday and we had just closed from school. As i headed back to my dormitory, on my way i walked past some senior students and i overheard them say ‘the world is going to end tomorrow’. I cannot say exactly how i was feeling but i am pretty sure the word terrified was how i felt. As i moved closer to the dormitory, I stopped for a second and started to think if what i  heard the senior students say was real or maybe perhaps, I was dreaming. It dawned on me that i wasn’t dreaming when a friend of mine Olawunmi called my name. She asked me what happened and i said nothing. i became more frightened as i walked through the corridors of my hostel. On getting to my room, i met alot of people and this time around, i knew it was not dreaming because they were saying the same thing i overheard the seniors say the other time and the interesting part of it was that they were seeking for forgiveness from one another just incase they might have wronged one another unknowingly.  

On the night of this particular day, I went to bed late and I had a dream. In the dream, I saw alot of strange things. You know that moment when you are in a dark room and all of a sudden, light flashes on your eyes then you see a 10ft person standing infront of you, that was exactly how it looked like. Also, the earth was without buildings and the heavens was open.  I was so scared that I woke up from sleep breathing heavily. 

Immediately i woke up, I remembered what happened the previous day and i said to myself that indeed the revelation is true. From that day till date, I have been living everyday like it’s my last but the reality is people die everyday and life shows us how temporary it is but we’re too busy with life to see it. Make sure you place priority on living a good life.

I hope you enjoyed this story. #31dayswritingchallenge.

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