The journey to ‘Becoming Better’

The journey to ‘Becoming Better’

Hiii my darling reader,

I’m pretty sure the title of this article drew your attention really close and it is one of the reasons why you clicked on the link to read this article. Continue reading and do not allow anything distract you as you read. Enjoyyyy!

My darling reader, to be honest i did not really understand the true meaning of the popular quote ‘Everything you want is at the other side of consistency’ until i became consistent in the year 2019. At first, what pushed me to become consistent is the fact that i was slacking so bad at publishing my articles and I didn’t like that. The first step I took was publishing new articles every week and at the end of the day, I got nominated for the TellAwards 2019 and i won the award below;

If i wasn’t consistently publishing new articles weekly, I doubt if i would have gotten this award. Being consistent in all aspects of your life would earn you results that you have always imagined  and I must say that it is beautiful. At the beginning of this year, I had planned to be really consistent with a lot of things but then all of it didn’t work out well as i have been pretty occupied with other stuffs. Nothing stresses me more than thinking about getting my whole life together. I mean, I am just in my early twenties but I’ll be stressing like i am a forty year old woman.

One minute I’m thinking;

the next minute, I’m saying to myself that;

As simple as these words sound, it’s crazyy. Sometimes, I beat myself up  for not completing the goals that I set. At the beginning of the every month, I write down things i want to achieve in my journal but with each day passing by and i check my journal i realize that I have not done half of what I said I would do and it makes me sad because if you ask me, what is stopping me ? Anyways, in the month of August i decided that instead of constantly beating myself up ? I would take;

steps that move me closer to my goals because only then would i be able to achieve the things that i really want to do and just like the affirmations on this journal;

My darling reader, since i started taking small steps everyday by focusing on the most important things in my life, I haven’t looked back and I must say that the growth is beautiful because I have grown so much in all aspects of my life. I’m usually the type of person that always want to get things done immediately but then i keep forgetting that everything in life is a gradual process. One thing I have realized is that there is no perfect time and as soon as you possibly can, try to start because half of the time you’re looking for excuses to come up with ? ;

Also, Simon Sinek tweeted;

What Sinek said is so true and it is one of the reasons why i need you to understand that ‘the Beginning which is also called the ‘Start’ is truly the first step to a success story but to keep going is truly divine. In your ‘Journey to Becoming Better’, if you do not like where you are, you must train yourself that it’s okay to move because you’re not a tree and I hope you know that you may have bad days but don’t let your bad days trick you into thinking you have a bad life too. As you grow older, getting your SHIT (Skincare, Happiness, Innerpeace and Time ) is one of the best decisions you would make because at the end of the day, the real glow up is internal. The Journey to becoming a better person is not easy but every step you take towards becoming better is worth it especially when you do not try to beat yourself up in the process as;

Make sure you remind yourself that your direction is more important than your speed. If you have read to this point then, I challenge you to get a journal using this link; . In your journal, you can ( write down your thoughts, brainstorm and rant too). I also challenge you to dedicate the next few months to focus on yourself and I mean;

Focus on the most important things in your life’ and watch how everything else starts to fall into place. When it gets hard , Here’s a screeenshot of what my lock screen says;

So that when you want to give up on yourself, this serves as a reminder to boost your morale that you’re on a ‘Journey to Becoming a Better’ person. I wish you all the best in this journey! 🤗

Cheerssss🥂 ,

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  1. This was much neeeded for the new week! It’s an amazing piece of work and i’m glad i read all through-and even in between lines

  2. Rofiat, the greatest writer the world has ever known🙌🏻
    How your words heal my pain and comfort me every d*mn time is beyond me🤯… Cheers to more groundbreaking articles.

  3. Beautiful piece , thank you for writing to touch people 👏👏👏..Well done..Happy new month

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