The Passion

The Passion

My superpower is writing. Yes, you read that well writing is my superpower. When I was little, I cannot remember who the man was but I know that I showed him a book written by a young girl and he said look at this little girl  of your age she has written a book. Looking back, it did not hurt me because i did not like writing talk more of being an author. Moving on, I figured out that whenever I write beautiful epistles especially words directly from my heart to people on their birthdays, they become very emotional infact almost teary. I realised that whenever i write to inspire, people reach out to me and appreciate the light that I send out to the world. The little things matter alot.

The ability to write and inspire people is one of the best God given talent I have and it is also my superpower because it has touched so many lives that I do not even know. Here’s me saying that I do not have any power of my own but with writing being my superpower, I live to write most especially to give people the courage of making life changing decisions. It is a superpower that I do not take for granted. 

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