The reasons why you should #WearInstall

The reasons why you should #WearInstall

The Install Brand is a brand that gives you Strong, Classy and Quality Clothes. The brand was launched in 2018 and since then, they have been serving only Quality outfits to their customers. Their growth is one of the most amazing thing and you would love to see it. Continue readingg  Funsho of the Install Brand is a very hrdworking young man. He makes and styles all the outfits at the install brand.

Dear reader, Life is isn’t perfect but your outfit can be and if anyone asks you where all your money goes? Just tell then ‘I’m wearing it’. When you shop from the install brand, be rest assured that you’re getting the best quality of what you pay for. Below are some of the outfits from the store.

Pamilerin’s outfit from the install😍:

Shank’s shirt from the install😍:


They also have shirt dresses and many more for ladies.   

Gbemisola’s pants from the install😍:

Be like Fayokunmi, BeStylish about your outfits. Sweatshirt from the install:

There are a lot of reasons why I stan this brand. The Install brand is the brand that when you wear their outfits, people know that you’re not full of bad vibes because your outfit says a lot about you. Tom Ford said ‘People would stare, make it worth their while’. The only way to make it worth their while is when you #WearInstall. For more informations on how to contact this particular brand? Check below 

    Fashion is an instant language and I hope you know that what you wear is how you present yourself to the world and I have never seen elegance go out of style. 

Dear reader, I’m pretty sure this is you thinking after reading all that I have written whether to #wearinstall or not:

I have not seen any brand that puts in so much efforts in giving their customers classy outfits than the install. So tell me, why won’t you #WearInstall


Go straight to their Instagram page (@theinstallbrand) or contact them – 08089915518 and place your order. Their customer service is top-notch and trust me, you would definitely go back to patronize them. 

 After Patronizing them, Joeboy’s mood in the above picture is going to be your mood because ‘Bad vibes don’t go with their outfit, you gotta Stay Jiggy’. 
The first picture I posted of (Funsho of the install brand). Below is a recent picture of him. 

It’s amazing how much the Installbrand has grown and I’d love y’all to patronize them. They have had Two Successful Pop-Up sales and it’s beautiful how they sold out a lot of outfits. If you missed out? Don’t worry, there’s more to come (by God’s grace) and you can always check their Instagram page (follow and turn on post notifications) so you don’t miss out on anything. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to #WearInstall. 
 Keep your Head and standards high. #WearInstall. 🤞🏻

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