The untold future.

The untold future.

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Do you know what would happen in the future ? Why are you in a hurry ? Why not chill and stop being in haste about everything. Remember everyone has different time in life hence you do not have to rush. You are so eager to fall in love with a soul forgetting that you cannot give out what you do not have. Do you love yourself enough to want to give out to another soul? There is actually more to life than wanting to be in a relationship with a soul you have absolute no idea what he or she has in mind for you. I know you are so desperate to want to be with someone but then it better for you to chill and wait for what you deserve than rush into something you have absolute no idea about just to fill your voids.

At the end of the day, everyone has different fate and the people you meet in life have been destined for you to come across and whether they bring you blessings or they teach you lessons, it has been written that you would meet them. Do not dwell on your pasts but instead accept your fate and move on with life because the future has better plans for you.


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