To get a job is even a job

To get a job is even a job

It is crazy how after so many years in school, people still look for jobs. The availability of job in this part of the world is scarce. Even to find a job is a job itself because you have no idea how many people are looking for that exact position you are looking for. It’s one thing to come out with good grades after school and it is another thing to have God’s grace mixed with people’s connection to help you get a job.

I remember one day, my uncle told myself and my cousin how he got his first official job. He said that he submitted his curriculum vitae in so many companies. With each day passing by, he only hoped that one of the companies would call him for an interview. Long story short, he got his first job in a company that he never expected. he said that on the day of the interview he got there late and on getting there, he met a huge crowd of people. He mentioned that he had already lost hope because of the crowd but he said to himself that he should give it a try. He did his best and they called him for an interview. After the interview, he got the job.  The lesson i learnt from his story was that one should always put faith over fear. 

At the end of the day, the reality is everyone wants to get a good job and most importantly a job that pays them well. there is a whole lot going on in the world and with each day passing, there is one news or the other about robbery and many more other scary stories. 

My advice is never give up on what you really want and also let your faith be stronger than your fear because you never can tell how you would make it in life. Moreover, normalize learning a skill because nowadays most people do not use their certificates anymore instead they are making money from the skills they have learnt. I am not saying education is not good. Instead what i mean is that education is the key but normalize learning a trade because the hustle is real.

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