Tough days don’t last.

Tough days don’t last.

The other day, a nurse came to my house and she talked about how a twenty year old girl wanted to commit suicide because she got pregnant. The young girl already drank sniper and she was about to cut herself with knife when a two-year old called the attention of their mother and she was rushed to the hospital for proper care.  In my mind, I was like ‘wow, that’s crazy’ and I said to myself that I needed to share this story to save someone. Read below!

Dear reader,

I know it is crazy, I mean I understand how everything is going on in the world right now. Asides the short story above, there are a lot of reasons why people want to commit suicide and leave this world. Firstly, I hope you know it is a sin to do it and asides that, it is one of the most painful thing you can do to your loved ones. There is this guilty feeling they would have when you’re gone. They would think of the many ways they could have helped but they did nothing. To be honest, it is sad. Also, someone has discussed about committing suicide with you, be calm with them and give them reasons not to do it. I have spoken with people that were at the verge of committing suicide and I understand how crazy it can be because all that’s on their mind is how to commit suicide. They would say things that would almost make you give up on them and you would just be like he or she has concluded their mind so why are you stressing ? Do not give up on these people instead pray, give them reasons not to give up and cheer them up.

If you are reading this and you are on the verge of wanting to commit suicide, I hope this article meets you at the right time and hopefully serve as a reminder that the world needs you because  you matter and you would great things. I need you to look up. I know you do not want to look up but you need to look up because above is where the light you have been coming from and most importantly, it is a sign that the mercy of God is near. I really hope you stay calm and remember that verily with hardship comes ease so be patient, hang in there and know that your ‘Tough days don’t last’ ❤️.

It’s World Suicide Prevention Day, if this article was helpful kindly comment below and  share with others because you might just be saving another victim. Thank you x

– love always,

Rofiah, O.M ❤️

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