What is Freedom ?

What is Freedom ?

Dear Reader, before you start reading this article. What does freedom mean to you? Freedom is the act to do things without the restraint of others. Freedom is also the act of not being enslaved. In this article, I would focus more on being free with your mind. 

Here’s the thing, when someone is going through a hard time and they spill out their mind to you. Your advice to them most of the time is to let go of whatever is wrong with them, isn’t it ? I am here to tell you that it is not easy to free yourself from something that is troubling your mind but it is the best thing to do for your mental health. The moment you find the strength to let go of whatever has been draining you mentally, physically and emotionally then you have found freedom of the mind. From the things that you do not discuss to the ones that hurt you silently but you still discuss, I hope you heal real quick. Healing does not have a time frame hence you have to take care of yourself. The moment you free yourself from everything that has been weighing you down, you have found freedom. Do not forget that Happiness is still a choice. Sending love and light your way x

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