Who is your friend ?

Who is your friend ?

The title of this article says ‘Who is your friend’ and it keeps ringing in my head from time to time. It makes me question the fact that even if I know a lot of people, it does not mean everyone of them is my friend. They say in hard times, you would know who your friends are but the real question here is are you a  friend and also who are the people you keep as friends ?

A friend is a person that no matter what happens between y’all, they got your back and even if people are thrashing your name in the mud they got you for life because they would defend you. I have heard and seen the closest friends hurt each other and I must mention that friendship breakups are one of the worst things. Loyalty should still stand even in tough times and if someone ever trusted you to tell you a secret, it is not right for you to snitch when y’all are having a bad time. I wish I have the kind of friends my parents have because they made lifetime friends. They come through always and they are always there for each other. I know a lot of people but I know who my friends are. 

When you want to make friends, make friends who force you to level up in all areas in life and when you want to cut off your friends, if the bad outweighs the good I think you should not keep them but if the good outweighs the bad then you should keep them. Afterall, we are all humans and we are not perfect so we should tolerate one another. Friendship is priceless when you have people that support you, come through for you, loyal and got your back for life. If you have such people in your life, keep them because they are rare. Also, Be a good friend to your friends.

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