Your Skin, Your Priority

Your Skin, Your Priority

Hii there, this article is different from most of my usual and I just needed y’all to know how important it is for you to take care of your skin because it’s ‘Your skin and also Your Priority’. I hope you have a good Read.

‘Drop your skincare routine now’, share tips on this skin, why are you glowing like this ahan, what do you use for your skin etc these are the comments that are usually flooded in the comment section whenever someone posts a picture of their natural face and it’s all shinning. It is amazing how spotless some people’s face look. I do not know their routine but I would tell you the products i use for mine. Continue readingggggg !

Skin Type:

Dear reader, the first thing you need to know is the type of skin you have and also, which products works best for yours . The products I use might not be the best for your skin and the reason is because  you might be allergic to some of the ingredients used in  making either the soap or cream. When I tell people what I use for my skin, they are usually wowed. Continue reading..

Disclaimer: Dudu Osun is not only for dark people.

Personally, when I was younger i used to think because of it’s name ‘Dudu Osun’ it was for only black people and I hated it so much that I did not even care to buy or use it (I never knew that I was ignoring the best thingg🥺). The name Dudu Osun is the combination of two names i.e ‘Òsé Dudu which means (Black Soap) and ‘Ígí Osun( Camwood). Oh my goodness, how beautiful does it sound? Absolutely beautiful my dear reader. Dudu Osun is not only for black people but it is for everyone.

FunFact: Anytime I use another product, my skin starts to act up and I finally concluded that Dudu Osun is the best for my skin and I would not trade it for anything else.

Skincare Mistakes:

The above picture shows the common mistakes people usually make and it is one of the reasons why some people have rough skins. 

Here’s how you can protect your skin:

For my skin, ‘I use DuduOsun soap and I use either ‘Bluesea Vaseline (I barely use lotion because it makes my skin dryy or I use Coconut Oil to rub my body’.

my mother sells coconut oil:

 these two things work for me and The fact that i am always advertising Dudu Osun on my social media, some people think i am  their ambassador. It is beautiful because some of these people buy the soap because of me & the reviews I have given them. It makes me happy and I love to see it. ☺️😻


How to know the original DuduOsun:

You can get your DuduOsun at the market or any store. For the original pack, all you need to check for before you buying the soap is written below as there are a lot of fake products. In order not be a victim, follow the rules and get the Original!

DuduOsun has been operating since way back and their game gets stronger year in year out.  

Guess what, there is a new pack & it comes with a very beautiful fragrance photography by my humble self: i took the picture immediately i got my soap 🥺☺️☺️

Review on the new pack and it’s fragrance:

The price for one soap which comes in a pack of (4)

Benefits of Using DuduOsun:

I hope you know that:

If you have read up to this point, thank you for readinggg and I sincerely hope you have gained a lot from this. I also hope you understand why it is important for you to know your skin type. Lastly, I hope i answered some of your questions but then if you still have questions, you can either ask me in the comment section or send me a direct message on any of my social media handles. 

At the end of the day, remember that ‘Your skin is also ‘Your Priority’ and all you need to do to have a clear skin is to: Also, do not forget to drink water as it is very important for you and your skin. 

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love always ❤️,

Rofiat, O.M 

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