On the Street They can hear us


The new normal in this modern world of today for addressing our grievances, beliefs, acceptance in societies, dignity and of cause our peace is taking it all to the street. It is the only place that our voices can be heard louder. We believe that it’s also the language of which government of every country in world understands best.
Moreover, there’s no partiality since it is so clear to the world see. The government of the day does not feel the pain, the stress and anxiety a normal citizen go through in their daily lives.

All they care about is their self interest but that is not what they promised on their campaign roads. They give sweet sugar coated words thinking citizens would or must be mute and watch from distance, no we cannot let them throw dust in our eyes all the time.
We had it enough and we understand their language and we speak that exactly with them by taking it to the street, that’s where they can hear us loudly and clearly.
We do not mean any harm we just want to prove or hold them accountable for their own words.

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