12 types of people during resumption

12 types of people during resumption

If you’re an undergraduate in a Federal University, it’s time to defrost. After several centuries, the Government and ASUU have finally decided to set aside their differences, for now. But we all know corona is still out there, and it makes resuming in 2021 a little more unique. Oya, come and identify yourself in this list.

  1. Those who are thinking about the money they’ll spend on data for online classes

Whether it’s Google meet or Zoom your lecturer picks for virtual classes, your account balance will sha hear it. Data will just be wasting on “Hello? Can everybody hear me?” And no matter how many hours you slept the previous night, sleep will always come knocking during class.

  1. The ones that are tired of staying home but have no choice

You’ve been counting down for Them to announce the resumption date, and now they said you should still sit in your father’s house. What’s na the point?

  1. The ones that have been eagerly waiting to leave the house

Finally! Pharaoh has freed the people of Israel, and the promised land awaits you. No more waking up at 6 am to start working as a house boy/girl. You’ve packed your bags since; harmattan dust has settled on it. When they see you in this house again, is anyone’s guess.

  1. The ones that don’t have to be in school but came anyway

After spending how many months at home? Your VC will na say you should still sit at home. God forbid. Besides, your house is not very conducive to online lectures. Every minute your mother is always storming into your room to tell you to go and buy sugar from Iya Rashidat.

  1. Those that are happy they still get to sleep

Tell the truth, how many classes did you even go to before the lockdown? Now you can drop your name in the chatbox and go back to social media. Being a student has never been so easy. Plus, there’s free food at home.

  1. The graduates that are unbothered

What’s your own with resumption sef. You’ve got way more important things to worry about anyway. All you’re thinking is thank God this unfortunate delay didn’t happen when you were in school.

  1. Those that are indifferent because school has now become their side hustle

Some of you have moved on since. What is a degree? You’re already counting your money. All your friends add spending at the end of your name. You’ve even forgotten what course you’re studying, now they’re calling you back. School will now be dragging useful hours from your business. How tragic.

  1. Those that are treating COVID like they’re going to war

When it comes to corona, most Nigerians are just operating on vibes, but not you. Facemasks, check. Hand sanitizer, check. You’re even lost count of how many vitamin C tablets you’ve taken today. Other people might not take the virus seriously, but you’re not prepared to joke with your health. We should all be like you. Wash your hands, and stay safe. 

  1. The ones preparing premium tears to beg their landlord

You only spent one month out of the year’s rent you paid. So eleven months have gone? Just like that? But life is hard na, and we were all together in this pandemic. Your landlord should understand. You’re sha prepared to roll on the floor, so they don’t throw your things out.  

  1. Those that are writing exams once they resume

It’s only God that can save you now because, in your spirit, you’re not even a student again. Na only vibes and silhouette challenge dey your head. Well, your friend will put their hand on your shoulder to console you.

  1. The ones that want to see bae

It was never in your plans to be away from the love of your life for so long. Now you’ve read all the articles on making long-distance relationships work. But enough is enough, and you can finally pepper your friends with all your couple goals. And right in time for Valentine’s Day.

  1. The ones that are eager to reunite with the squad and cause trouble

The people you’ve been staying with are strangers. Your real homies are your friends in school, and now you finally get to reconnect with the squad. Sure, you’ve kept in touch. But nothing beats physical interaction, and you’re ready to take campus by storm together.  

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