Five Types of Endings Everyone Can Relate to

Five Types of Endings Everyone Can Relate to

Kicking back with your favorite snack and a movie or series you enjoy is a typical pass time for many of us. One thing all genres share, whether you’re into sitcoms, dramas, or even anime, is that they must come to an end. After all your experience watching TV, I’m pretty sure you would’ve come across at least one of these types of endings.

  1. The ones that make you wonder what do next

Once these series finish, there will be a feeling of deep emptiness in your soul. So after investing so much time into it, it dared to finish. The worst one is when it ends at a cliff hanger, and you have to wait till next year for the continuation. For crying out loud, you finished Money Heist in two days! Ko balance now. What are you supposed to do with your life now?

2. The ones that are an absolute waste of time

Whether it was at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end, the show derailed, these films make you feel like you wasted so many hours. You could probably write a dissertation on why it was absolute trash, but it still wouldn’t make up for all the time you invested. If anyone mentions the name of the show in front of you, you fit deck am. *shudders thinking about Game of Thrones.*

3. Those that leave you with unanswered questions

Some writers are just mad! How can they end the story there? So you’ll never know if Malcolm and Marie break up? Whether Cobb was dreaming at the end of Inception will forever be a debate? It’s not fair, na. These kinds of conclusions are just pure wickedness.

4. The ones that end in tears

Even though you were claiming hard guy, one or two tears still managed to drop from your eyes. It’s not your fault, though; it’s The Fault in Our Stars. Honestly, these types of endings are the worst, especially when they’re pure fiction. I mean, it’s not real, for goodness sake! But somehow, they still managed to touch you. It’s fine. You’re only human.

5. The ones with a satisfying ending

These are by far the best endings. Whether it’s because the couple you were rooting for finally got together, or the protagonist achieved their dreams, you’re pleased with the end. At some points, the writers probably had you holding your breath. But your faves pulled through, and you’re glad you stuck around till the finale.

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