The Middle Ground: Gen Z vs. Millennials

The Middle Ground: Gen Z vs. Millennials

Once again, violence has taken to the streets of Nigerian Twitter, and this time age is certainly a number. If you keep up with trends, then you’ve probably laughed your ass off as generation Z and millennials dragged each other on the timeline.

But in between these two seemingly distinct groups, a few of us have a harder time determining where we belong. Those kids were born when the Internet was already around, but before smartphones were mainstream.  They’re the youngest members of the millennials, the oldest members of Gen Z, and those who can’t seem to place themselves because there are so many different timeframes.

Here’s what members of this hybrid pack had to say:

Ronke, 98.’

I’m totally Gen Z when it comes to being outspoken and more conscious about mental health. But I’m lost when it comes to TikTok.

At the same time, I’m more like a Millennial because I tend to think more before I speak, and honestly, I feel the latest music is nonsense.

Olamide, 96.’

I align with Gen Z, please.

Millennials were born to a generation of parents who thought about linear career choices, like doctors, lawyers, and engineers. So their parents didn’t afford them much freedom like Gen Z. They didn’t have the opportunity to fail; their parents had mad high expectations.

I think it’s a case of an elder brother raised with his parents’ strict version, seeing how lax they are with his younger siblings.

Millennials need to help Gen Z peeps embrace their failures in relationships and other aspects.

Janeal, 99.’

Please, I’m a Millennial o. I can’t be Gen Z.

Awon Omo wobe lo wan be (It’s spoilt children that are there).

Ope, 99.’

My own opinion is straightforward. The millennials are too religious and raised very strictly, so they are so stuck up and boring. They’re jealous of the freedom Generation Z has.

Titi, 97.’

I can switch between both generations.

When it comes to morals and religion, I tend to be more conservative-like a millennial.

But I’m a Gen Z baby when it comes to everything else like music, food, and fashion.

Aisha, 98.’

To be honest, I thought this fight was unnecessary. People weren’t even focusing on the real differences. They didn’t talk about how we think, handle criticism, and react to relevant issues.

It was stupid things like how people take pictures and how they dance. Mtcheww..Everyone just came on Twitter to embarrass their village family.

Raphael, 98.’

I can relate to both sides. I’ve got the Millennials’ traditional prayer-ish vibes, but I don’t attach spirits to everything in an annoying way. I’ve also got the new craze of my Gen Z peeps.

Elon Musk, 96’

It’s confusing. I’ve gone to check which generation I belong to like three different times. Some say I’m a millennial, and others say I belong to Gen Z, so I’m really in the middle. I even found a different group called Zillenials for people between 1994 and 1999.

So basically, I laugh at jokes targeted at both parties. It’s all banter to me, and I don’t feel attacked by either.

It’s like having two girlfriends, and you’re not sure which one you like, so you let them fight over you and date the winner.

Emem, 98.’

Being on the border means it’s easy to sit back and enjoy the memes without being bothered.

Temidire 96.’

To be honest, I don’t think I care much about the fight. It doesn’t make sense to me to compare different generations because things are so diverse, which affects who we are as a result of our experiences.

Naso Millenials attack baby boomers, and now they’re getting it back ten folds because these Gen Z are brutal. I also think Gen Z are too soft; that’s why they want to cancel everybody.

But no generation has it figured out. What we should do is pick the best characteristics of each generation to make ourselves better.

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