A Message From A Bleeding Heart.

A Message From A Bleeding Heart.



She was just 17yrs
She was my bestie.
She just got admitted to study medicine at University Of Ibadan.

Na only she Mama and Papa leave me with.
She was all I lived my life for.

I can remember calling her countless times to check up on her.
She said she was fine but she never sounded fine.
She pleaded with me to trust her judgments
I knew something had gone wrong but I couldn’t figure it out.

She never told me she had a boyfriend
I thought she was till a virgin.
She looked innocent.

Oh ! How did this happen ? “I asked myself”
How come I never noticed the changes in her body ?

Abortion wasn’t an option.
She would have trusted me with her burdens.

She was scared of the humiliation.
She had no one to open up to.
“Someone said to me”

But she had me to open up to. “I replied”
I never judged her even at her worse
I always wanted to see her smile.

She had no idea the amount of damages her action would lead to.
I guess she never had my interest at heart before taking her own life.

She never gave her judgement a deep taught.
If she had……
She would have seen the future ahead of just birthing a bastard
She would have thought of how mama struggled to see us survive before she gave up.
She would have considered me.

Abi she forget say na me surfer train em for school as mama die.
Abi she forget say na the same abortion mama do she take die so.
Abi she forget say na because of em I dey work like say tomorrow no dey.
Wetin I won tell my friends now ?
Say you die because you dey try commot pikin from your belle ?
Na dem tell me say make I no send u go school but I no gree.
Now the you way I send go school I no see.
Certificate I no see.
Na shame you don bring come my face so o.

I built my faith like that of skyscraper because I felt some day you would speak against abortions and unprotected sex.

Now I’m left alone without a mother, friend and a sister.

Abeg help me tell Mama and Papa say I try train you but na you no gree.

I hope I survive this grief.

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