Breath Again !

Breath Again !

My love !!!

I know you can hear me.
Please don’t accept the robe been given to you by the angels of death.

Please !! *Crying*

My better half !
Have you forgotten my vow to you ?
Remember I said I would lay down my life to see you live.
Remember I promised to stand by your side whenever and always.

Please save me from losing myself.
If you live I live, If you die I die.
Wherever you go I will go.

Obim !
Biko, ahapụkwala m n ’ụwa. (Please don’t leave me alone here on earth)
Ekwela ka okwu chịa m.(Don’t let the word mock me)
Agaghị m ahapụ gị. .
(I would never let go of you.)

Wura Mi
Mo ti kọ kakiri aye mi.
Ranti, gbogbo ẹ ni Ara mi ati Ọmọ wa ti gba.
O ko le kan Titari rẹ si agbaye laisi rẹ nipasẹ ẹgbẹ rẹ.

(I have built around you my life.
Remember, you are all Myself and Our Baby got.
You can’t just push her into the world without you by her side.)

Please for the sake of Chikamharida Ereadura breath again !

*crying* confused*

My Jewel,
You can still hear me right ??

I promise you we would survive this together.
I would rather lay my life for you to breath again.

Please live for me my love.
We would win this together. I promise you !
I know I got married to a strong woman.
I believe you would fight for your life.

Chikamharida Ereadura wants you to live……….
She wants you to see her grow.
She wants to suck from her mother’s breast.

Please breath again for us my love.

*Tears* *Broken”

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  1. The dispense of art is far beyond all what a writer’s emotions can dispatch at once I must say. There is a process of word economy, putting down and looking through. Reading, editing and re-editing again. It is not always about how long but how well. Work on your piece.

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