Broken Home

Broken Home

Broken Home
I had met Dayo at a conference meeting my company held some years back at Delta State. He walked up to me so gentle manly.

Hi, I’m Dayo can we be friends ?? ” He said”

I could feel my ovaries wanting to jump out in excitement. Yes we can be friends, My name is Elena. “I replied”

We exchanged contacts and afterwards the rest were history.
I saw a perfect man in Dayo, I couldn’t wait to introduce him to everyone that matters in my life. I loved him so much that I could do everything in my power to make him happy.

Few months after we tied the knot,Dayo was every ladies dream man, he had brooded muscles, a cute face and a lovely height. He treated me like a queen during our days of courtship even after we got married he still made me feel same way.
but at some point something doesn’t seem right to me anymore,but I wasn’t sure what the problem was.

My home seems to be falling apart, it seems like I have lost the man I got married to.

My head now have a relationship with the walls in the house because of how he hits my head to the wall whenever i try to make a contribution as his wife.

My body has gotten addicted to birth control pills which he injects me with after making love, He claims he isn’t ready to father a child.

I get raped by the man I call my husband whenever I refuse to make love with him.
*Sad* *Tears*
I had lost the joy of sleeping side to side with him.
I see in him a rapist and not my hubby.


I couldn’t stop asking myself random questions that I never got answers to, i needed someone to speak to I was getting tired of the ill treatment.

How come I never saw all of this during our courtship ?
Was I just blinded by his look or love?


Why then did we get married, since you gonna treat me like a piece of rag ?

“I asked him with tears in my eyes as he walked through the door”

You are talking rubbish woman “He replied”

I pulled the blanket off my body making attempt to get off the bed I knew he was up for another rape cause and I wasn’t ready for it.

He jumped on the bed pulled my legs, I was too weak to fight I could only scream for help.

Please Dayo, not tonight I haven’t been feeling too well. “I pleaded”

Shut up woman ! I bought you over, every part of you belongs to me so I have every right to do to you what I want.
Now open those legs
“Those words came with a backup slap on my thighs and causes from his lips.”.

My soul yearned for help !!!
I knew I had lost my home. *Tears*

Question : Tell me what you think Elena next action was ??

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