Broken Smile

Broken Smile

She is beautiful !

Did I just hear you say I’m beautiful ??


Behind my smiles there are dead pains seeking for revival
Behind my smile is a hurting heart
Behind my laugh I am falling apart
Behind my body is a soul trying to fight
Behind my eyes are tears at night

I’m a shadow of myself !
Isn’t it sad when you get hurt so much and you finally say, ‘ I’m used to it’ ??

Then why say I’m beautiful ???
What is this beauty you even talk about ??

Isn’t the beauty of a woman seen from her eyes because that’s is the door way to her heart where love resides ??

You can’t even get to see my heart through my eyes because the door has been closed by pain.

Isn’t the true beauty of a woman reflected in her soul ??

Do I even have a soul ??
It has been longed exterminated by pain, agony, depression and fear.

You may see a happy face
You may see a light in my eyes
But that is all a thin mask

I want to break down
I want to let it ouI
I want to speak up
I want to stop acting like I’m fine
Because I’m NOT

I want to break something
I want to scream for someone to hear
Will I try to bother someone?

I am a burden
I was made only to help
Not to stand in the way
It doesn’t matter how I feel

Who should care about me?
Why would someone?
I am the one who helps everyone
And deny myself the right

The problem with being selfless…
You feel like you shouldn’t be helped
So you sit in your pain
Behind you smile

That fake smile
Everyone seems so gullible
It seems to convince everyone
Except for the very very few

I sometimes want someone to notice
To ask if I’m all right
The problem is…
I would say yes

I don’t know why
Because behind my answer…
I am screaming
Screaming for help

I don’t know why
Am I the only one that feels this pain?
Pain that makes you shake
Pain that hurts so much you CAN’T cry

I just want to be happy all of the time
God, why can’t I be happy?
I’m tired of acting
I’m tired of saying “I’m fyn’

I want to say “I am fine’

Written by: Wendy Write Words
Inspired by: LIFE

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