Victim Of Circumstance

Victim Of Circumstance

Mama I see Bisola for road today she dey go school. Why I no fit go school ?

Mmmm… Funke ! you no fit go school with this condition oo, even if you won wait make you born the pikin you need hustle to take care of your child.

But Mama…………

(Her mother interrupts her)

But no be your destiny to go school, just dey hustle dey go.

Mama Bisola tell me say anybody way no go school no go dey recognized for the society.
and I won dey recognized for our society.

*Tears* Looking determine*

No be for people wey carry pikin for back and you still get one for back.
(Her mother replied)

Mama as e be me like this I go born this pikin and i go train em to become somebody, even if she get belle before she finish school I go make em understand say hope still they.
If na boy I got teach em to respect woman.

(Her mother yearned at her)
You know go shut up you this pikin. Wetin you know say you dey talk sef ?

(She replied)
Mummy don’t shut me up. * looking furious*
I didn’t decide this path for myself mum. You did !!
Dad biggest dream was to see me become whatever I wanted to become. but you killed his dreams with your selfish interest.

I remember telling you about how Mr Paul molested me but you said it was nothing.
You advised me to pay him a visit that very night even while we had to argue over it but you had to shut me up with Ephesians 6:1
[1]CHILDREN, OBEY your parents in the Lord [as His representatives], for this is just and right.

I came back home to tell you about everything that happened but you weren’t concerned with that. you had your attention on the shopping bag I returned home with.
Now I have this baby growing inside of me without a father to take care of him/her .

No they tell me say make I shut up, na you put me for this situation wey I dey so.
For say Papa dey alive I for dey school dey listen to my teacher as e dey teach.

I would rather have you die first in my next world.

Funke !!! (Her mother called out)

Woman ! I curse the day you call my name again. 


I’m just a victim of circumstance . not a failure.

(She replied as she uses the door out of the her room)

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