Do dreams come true?

Do dreams come true?

“don’t ever doubt the love I have you, never.”

Those words are so firm and beautiful.

He’s dark and beautiful; in and out. He makes a few mistakes and that makes him much more perfect. His brows too are perfect and you’d see his much more than you’d see mine except I define them.

His lips are not large and that makes it easier to lock mine with. I think the fact that he has brown eyes makes me happy and I want to explain why but my words don’t find me. How his nostrils open so widely when he makes a familiar expression is hilarious and I think how he makes me smile from ear to ear is beautiful; they come from my heart.

I’m a bit taller but our bodies can still create a reaction in our minds and heart. He makes me sleep but no one gets it. Every time, I pray to dream about him but he only comes once in a while.

I’m only trying to get a proper description of this man that I love.

He gets to the depth of me.

And most mornings, he reminds me that the world is once more a safer and better place because I’m in it.

He only comes in my dreams and he makes it a better place to be.

I think I read every detail of him so much for a being like me who reads little to no books but everything about him strikes me. Je suis content!

I can never look at humans just as mere skeletons clothed in thick dust. They strike me but he strikes me more. How one of his ears has its lobe shaped differently or how his dentition almost looks as though there are no faults. I should tell you that his tongue does more wonders than simply tasting his mom’s meals. His beards are fancy. That’s the best way I can describe it. He told me that they weren’t what they are today, a year ago. How wonderful the human body can speedily change and still, some mourn the growth of certain aspects of their body. “There’s no balance in life”

There’s a way he speaks; with utmost serenity and composure.

And the veins on the arms of a black man, alluring.

He takes each step as though the soil is fragile. I love to see everything that makes him up. There’s something about white that attracts him but I have only seen him dressed in white once. There’s something about the man of my dreams and that is, he’s only in my dreams. Do they come true?

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