You in the midst of books.

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I mean it’s one thing to take a sight of you and another to walk up to you. Although, the latter doesn’t seem easy the former, makes me a bit sad, as I somewhat always find you with a frown on your face. I’d love to see you smile more. I see you pick your favorite things and make a faint smile, and then your facial settings are restored to default.

At least, we have one thing in common or so I believe, because I walk into this library more often than I do my parlor and not a day goes by that I don’t see you.

Your dressings are casual to the extreme and it makes me believe that you’d like your world to be a little softer but within these four walls you and I walk into every day, is where you find peace.

Our genre of books isn’t the same and that is fine, I promise. I’d like to create with you something stronger than we can handle. Today, we made eye contact and my heart leaped for joy. It left me with a feeling I wish I could bottle up.

Maybe one day, we would exchange more than just names and contacts. Maybe when your books fall from your hands and before you can reach them, I am just in time to be your hero as our hands touch. Just maybe.


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