How covid 19 made me a better me

How covid 19 made me a better me

Few days before I completed my NYSC program in one of the beautiful States of the south south divison, A young, smart, intelligent student in the school where I was carrying out my primary assignment Blessing, walked up to my table in the staff room and asked if I had listened to the news on TV the night before, There was black out in my area of residence and I had no chance so I asked her to brief me about what she saw on air.she explained how the Nigerian Television Authority had carried a news about a deadly virus which she called co- something, she wasn’t so sure; I couldn’t get her point well that day but two days after which was my CDS day my health official friend also mentioned about the virus to me but shed better light that cases of it hasn’t been found in Nigeria but preventive measures should be taken.
This was how I got to know about CORONA VIRUS which led to it’s pandemic. Fast forward to a month later, I got my NYSC discharge certificate and moved back home with the hope of putting the beautiful certificate to good use of securing an employment, but to my greatest shock every aspect of life was on lock down, schools, churches, banks, markets…though not total but there was a change that hasn’t been experienced before in the whole country. Interviews postponed till further notice, student sent home to stay safe, All spheres of the nation’s economy shook, I started wondering how to help myself get better even with the “stand still” then I remember my mother’s poultry business. But before then I never like taking risk and so starting a business was a no go area for the fear of failing, I love to work with team whereby we rack our brain and find solutions to problems. You call me a problem solver, you are very right, But here we are no problems to solve, No interview Just pandemic.
I had to take up poultry farming not like my mom’s small scale but the commercial one now and I was bent on making mine far more better. And all thanks to Government double Alawee and family support, I started gradually it wasn’t easy at first felt like quitting almost every time till we I was able to get my feet firm on ground.
I can boldly say today that Covid 19 pandemic era was a blessing in disguise for me, the season made me re strategize and re planned. It also taught me to see opportunities in disappointments.

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