Many times I wish I were Flash

I will run fast into the future

Leaving my problems in the past

But I cant tap into the speed force


Sometimes I wish I were Aquaman

I heard he talks to fishes

Only if my problems were calm enough

Maybe they will listen to me and stop


Many times I wish I were Wonder Woman

I will keep on fighting 

No matter how challenging my problems are

But I don’t have the strength  of an Amazon


Sometimes I wish I were Cyborg

More machine than human

Maybe my problems wont hurt that much

But I am just human


Many times I wish I were Superman

With the strength of a thousand men

I will punch my way out of my problems

But the yellow sun has no effect on me


Most times I wish I were batman

The one with a contingency plan for everything

90% of my problems will be solved

But both my parents are still alive


Admist this wishful thinking

Is a frail human

With no super powers nor cool gadgets

Yet, ready to fight my problems head on

Well, I am grateful, I am ME






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