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“Puuuushhhh” urges the doctor 

“Puusshhhhhh” echoes the mid wife.

I look to my right and there is Seyi. Holding my hand and looking into my eyes he says, “One last push, Honey. We can do this”.

With the last ounce of strength in me, I push my hardest. As the veins pop out of my head and my eyes tear up in pain, I push that one last push knowing that all this will soon be over. Immediately I hear the baby’s cry I feel relief : sheer and utter relief. There is no pain anymore, no feeling of fatigue. Just that lingering sense of peace and serenity.

“She’s a beautiful girl”, says the midwife as she hands over Kamara to Seyi. Yes, Kamara. That is the name we decided on if the baby ended up being a girl.

“She looks just like her mother”, says Seyi, with what looks like sadness in his eyes, as he cradles little Kamara in his arms. I’m confused. He always tells me I am beautiful. Why the sadness then? Was our baby flawed in some way?

I lean forward to take a look of myself. For a moment, I am speechless. She really is a replica of me but that isn’t the point. Never in my life did I think it possible for a human being to be this perfect. For me, it was love at first sight. Her hair is silky to the touch and has the loveliest sheen ever. Her eyes are big and bold and complement her oval face just fine, but unlike my dark eyes, her’s are a soft brown; that she got from her dad. Her nose is simply ‘to-die-for’; definitely no nose jobs for my little girl in the future. Her skin color can only be described as a delectable honey brown, and honest to God, it feels as smooth… I must have eaten the right foods during this pregnancy. No amount of shea butter can work this magic on anyone’s skin. She is, indeed, pleasing to the eye and I can see her growing up into a beautiful young lady.

I’m really excited, why isn’t Seyi? I direct my attention towards him and I am greeted with tears in his eyes. I had been so focused on Kamara, I didn’t even realize my husband was crying. Tears of joy? doubt it. These are tears accompanied with heart-wrenching sobs. He shifts his eyes from Kamara to his left hand side. I follow his gaze.

All motion cease and it seems time itself has come to a standstill.

There I am, lying dead in a pool of my own blood…

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