A Peek into Korean Culture

A Peek into Korean Culture

This week is for K-drama. K-drama lovers, I got you.

I am a big, big K-drama fan. My friends think I am crazy and are always side eyeing me, but I guess I am crazy for k-drama. My obsession with their movies started in 2013, my first year in college when I saw ‘Boys over flowers”-definitely love at first sight. Since then,  I have watched their movies non-stop. I love their actors, their sense of style and the plot line can be hilarious at times. Their movies make me laugh so hard, and make me cry atimes too. Yep, I can be an emotional mess when watching movies. 

But watching movies for me is not just about fun and games, it is also about learning. If I observe a particular behaviour over time in movies from a country, I read about it. Lately, I have been binge watching Korean movies.  So I decided to drop a bit of what I learned from watching their movies over the years. 


Watching Korean movies, I noticed that hand holding between romantic partners is considered a big deal. So I decided to research it. Do you know? ln South Korea, public display of affections(PDA)  is considered off putting- passionate kisses and lingering hugs are considered tacky and inappropriate when they take place in public. It is considered more acceptable to hold your date’s hand or put your arm around them. So hand holding between the opposite sex is considered to be a confession of attraction/feelings. 

Dating Anniversaries

Don’t get me started on their dating anniversaries. They mark each milestone in their relationship and if your boyfriend is not doing that with you, you need to question your relationship. The most popular are the 100 days anniversary, valentine days (which is popular in every country), white day (a month after valentine). The difference is on valentine day, women give their friends and lovers gifts and on white day, men reciprocate the gesture. 

Couples will celebrate their 100th day from the first day they met. Some even celebrate their 50th day. The longer you date, the more celebrations are coming along. 200th day, 300th, 400th. and so on. They are also big on relationship markers- something that screams he/she is mine. It could be a couple rings, necklace or matching tees. Just something that screams relationship.


Koreans are really big on honorifics. Unlike Nigeria where it is considered rude to ask a person’s age on the first meeting, in Korea, questions around age are considered conversation starters. Why? It guides you on how to treat the person and on how formal your speech needs to be. There is great  emphasis in treating and speaking to people differently depending on their age. In Korea, you cannot just call an older person by their first name, let alone if you just met them. Even someone who is a year older, you refer to them as “Older brother/older sister” (Oppa-Older male or Noona-Older female).  So finding out their age, helps you determine the honorific required for that person. 

Are you a Korean drama fan? Tell me something you have learned watching their movies in the comment. 

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