Arise oh compatriot!

My fellow solider of war

The battle line has been drawn

Shall we look with idleness

Or fight with boldness

Arise oh compatriot!

My fellow knight

We swore an oath of honour and loyalty

Even if our country denys our stand

We won’t deny our country because we know our stand

Arise oh compatriot!

My fellow writer

Have our pen become so weak

Or ink finished

Has our inspiration been blocked

Or have we decided to sit dumb

Arise oh compatriot!

My fellow speakers

Our voice are like thunder that gives the the rain hope

But yet we’re quite as a dead man

We don’t need a mic or speaker to be heard

The voice we have is all we need

Arise oh compatriot!

My fellow artist

Have we been drowned by the things of this world

Or needed by the breeze from the north

Write that song, make that performance and take your stance

Arise I, Arise you, Arise everyone

Nigeria call and we must obey.

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