I could swear I saw an angel
Her beauty was outta this world
I would have called her a God
But my faith stood strong

She was tall
Not the ugly tall! The sexy tall
Her height was like a spell of attraction

I started my glance from her beautiful leg
Moving up till I got to her eyes
She was a beauty my brain could not deny

As she walked towards me
I lost vocals to speak
The sun became a spot light she walked in
The beauty was so much but my eyes was strong to take it

Her eyes glittered
Brighter than diamond or gold
I was lost in her world never to be found

As she approaches
My heart started skipping it’s beat
Terrified? Scared? Those where not how I felt
“In love” is the right word to use instead

She finally came close
Her beauty became clearer for me to see
Dumb! was I at her sight
Not even an “hello” could come out of my mouth

How are You? Those were her first word
Like the instrument of the gods
So was her voice
It’s echoed from my ear, straight to my heart
Her voice became a blanket my heart swore not to leave behind

I couldn’t move
I couldn’t breath
Wild thought running from my head to my feet

Finally I summoned the courage of Hercules
I grabbed her by the waist
Swept her off her feet
Looking straight into her charming eyes
My lips moving close for a kiss

It’s time to prepare for school
I gently opened my eyes to realise I was just in my room
Was it a dream? My expression said
Confused and sad was my emotion
But yet my heart smiled and said
“The sound of her voice I remembered out loud”

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