“School na Scam” A popular slang amongst Nigerians that is threatening the world of SCHOOLING in Nigeria. A phrase that demonstrates how insufficient the schooling system is in Nigeria, a word that suffocates the world of education system in Nigeria. Nigeria being a developing country is still on the verge of building a strong and sufficient schooling system but yet it remains stagnant in every step taken towards growth.

“School na Scam” No doubt about that when it comes to the Nigeria schooling system but have you tried to separate the word Education from School?
Is it the Education that is a scam or the School itself? Because when we use that word “School na Scam” we tend to murder both. We have so much damed the schooling system that we forget the value of it’s Education. A school which is said to be a place or institution where learning can take place, while Education is known to be knowledge or and idea. It’s a known fact that Nigeria lack the basic schooling structure but do we really lack the basic Education for development?

“School na Scam” This word has not only murdered the schooling system but also crippled its education, so many have followed through but end up not realising “its only the structure but not the knowledge given”

“School na Scam” but yet it’s products are making dynamic wave, creating opportunities and developing foundation towards development. I sit and wonder how could a “scam” produce such great talent, how could a “scam” produce such opportunities, that was when I realised that the average Nigerian has a blind mindset, living in the dark of their ignorance. We tend to create nothing out of nothing. The Nigeria system has been rigged no doubt about this but what of it’s people, the system is one thing, it’s people is another, the system of schooling has been rigged but the education is at the verge of being extinct due to the irrelevance the people give to it. The structure is broken but not the knowledge, the buildings are not sufficient but the idea are adequate. “School nah Scam” no doubt but not its education.

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