The Girl Child

The Girl Child

They say she is useless
The girl child is useless, she has no value, she is of no importance and would never be, she is a disgrace, she lacks the ability, she doesn’t have a place in the society, her education should start and end in the kitchen, she is worthless, she can’t be the timber of the society, she lacks the wisdom to rule, she is no capable enough, she is a person of no value, she is a low life, she is a mistake, she has no right in the affairs of the society in fact she is an ABOMINATION……………….. BUT all this are wrong.

The girl child is unique, she is special, she is the best, she is a person of great importance, she is more than capable, she is bold and strong, she possess all the ability, she is a creature with essence, she the only creature that walks by you and you turn around just to admire her, she is beautiful, confident, loyal, loving and caring, she is ready to go the extra miles, she is too special for words to define, she has rights, she has authority, she comes with worth, she is the foundation of the society, the girl child has suffered a lot of discrimination over the years and all that has to stop.
She has right to rule, she has the ability to develop, she is there to support, her love knows no bounds. The girl child must be protected, encouraged and should be educated. You are who you choose to be, my girl child is cute and i mean very cute, she is beautiful in all ways, she has my respect, she adds value, she don’t dress naked to gain attention,she don’t walk the streets to be noticed, she don’t beg to be at the top, she doesn’t have to sleep with men to make a living and she don’t have to be anyone’s bae, shuga or cupcake to be loved. My girl child stands out, when she pass by you would admire her beauty, my girl child is educated, she is reasonable, she has the confidence of a mountain, she is prepared, she understand her purpose, worth and values, she is creative.
My girl child stands out
She is Great 
Loving #SupportTheGirlChild
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