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The hustle is real. Boys are not smiling. The first of April is usually a day for jokes and pranks, but not today — not this year. Although, a few silly boys (and girls), mostly children, still tried to prank their parents. The euphoria wasn’t the same as previous years when the world was virus-free with unrestricted movement.

Vincent, realising it was the first of April, ran to the sitting room and screamed “Up NEPA!” His father, Nonso, who had been expecting power in order to watch the 8 o’clock news hurried to switch on the television. He tried and tried, but the TV didn’t come on. He searched for the remote control but couldn’t find it. He was getting frustrated when Vincent shouted “April fool!” It was then he realised he had been hoodwinked.

Nonso couldn’t laugh. He was only amazed at the audacity of his son to pull such a trick. “Maybe finally Vincent is becoming clever,” he thought to himself. Vincent laughed though. This momentary conquest brought him so much joy that he ran to relay the experience to his mother. Nonso would let him have this victory — he chose to be a fool for his son to become wise.

Nigerian boys of nowadays have mastered the act of deceit. When it comes to cybercrimes, Nigerians are masterminds. All a Nigerian boy (or girl) needs is a laptop or smartphone with access to the Internet. With either of these, they can rob the Bank of Spain without shooting a single bullet.

On April 1, Nonso read about the exploit of the so-called “yahoo boys.” The newspaper described this particular act as a “highly sophisticated fraud.” He pondered on how a group of boys (or girls) in a developing nation like Nigeria can defraud an organisation in a developed country like Germany. It was ingenious.

The yahoo boys (or girls) knew that in a period like this certain organisations would want partnership with companies in Nigeria. They had orchestrated the perfect plan, laid out the hooks and baits, and caught a big fish, but the authorities soon got up with them.

Nonso flashed back to the early hours of the day when Vincent wittily deceived him. He was proud of his son, but he didn’t want him to end up like one of these yahoo boys. So, he woke Vincent up during his siesta, and advised him on how ungodly April fool’s day is.

“If you call anyone a fool, you will go to hell fire,” Nonso warned.

Vincent nodded and went back to sleep.

©Jonathan Ukor 2020

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