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People don’t know this (or just seem not to) — it’s the simplest things in life that really matter. Parents, especially, don’t know this. For two people who were bold enough to say the vows of “to hold and cherish through sickness and in health until death” to be so ignorant of keeping simpler promises sounds absurd.

Nonso and Ronke have been married for ten years now and life has been good. They have a sweet innocent nine year old and a set of adorable twins. The twins do not cause much trouble as Vincent the nine year old does, they are all unique in their differences. Nonso would sacrifice his wealth for the good health of his family. Ronke would equally risk her sanity for the security of her kids. It was a perfect family. They were good couples, good parents too.

On April 2, Ronke had returned from the market without a bag of popcorn, and Nonso couldn’t find the ice cream peddler. They both returned home empty-handed.

First, it was Ronke. It’s true she would go mad for her children, but today Vincent was the mad one. Vincent had innocently asked, “Mommy, will you buy popcorn for me?” And she replied, “Of course son, I will.” Those were her words. She made a promise. So, when she unpacked the foodstuffs from her bag and there was no popcorn in it, Vincent cried nonstop.

The twins didn’t like popcorn. It was too crunchy for their teeth. They trusted their father to get coned ice cream for them.

Second, Nonso, the omnipotent father. He promised to get ice cream for the kids. His words were “When I get to the estate gate, I’ll buy ice cream for you.” The twins requested for the vanilla flavour, and he replied, “Okie dokie.” Sadly, the ice cream truck wasn’t at the estate gate today. He shrugged and decided to head back home. After all, what damage would an ordinary ice cream do to his perfect family.

On April 2, there was too much parenting for Nonso and Ronke to handle. They made promises to cover for broken promises, but to no avail. Vincent really wanted crunchy popcorns today, and the twins wanted a brain freeze. Today, they renewed their parenting vows: To let their yay be yay, and nay be nay.

©Jonathan Ukor 2020

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